Yash and Raj came together from an event called Talent-O-Fiesta held in college on 9th Oct. 2013 and they were together for management team in whole event.

Till that time they didn’t knew each other. But after that day Yash Raj were never taken as two people.!!!!

Though, Yash and Raj were two identical but, together as YashRaj were INCREDIBLE.

Then they came more close through making of a video of College as the college was completing 15 Years .

YashRaj is the name through which they were popularly known in their whole college from year 2013. They were even known as IT experts. Best management team.

Years flew one after the other events came and they gave their best.

A day came when they thought of dreaming something big. To turn their dreams into reality they started a venture named YashRaj Designing Memories.

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